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Super Kids:Mission Zero, Inc. is an Indianapolis, IN based 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2017.  Super Kids:Mission Zero is dedicated to assisting children with epilepsy learn to manage the effects of the neurological disorder with the help of educational tools and resources.  

Founded and developed by Jessica Rohn, Super Kids:Mission Zero utilizes families with children experiencing the effects of epilepsy, grassroots movements within communities, and educational programming.

Jessica Rohn is a mother of two boys, Sheldon and Whittaker.  After Sheldon's epilepsy diagnosis in Fall 2016, Jessica knew she was called to advocate for children with epilepsy.  The hundreds of thousands of other children, like Sheldon, who are working to understand their diagnosis, while still being a child, deserve any resources that will help them to succeed. 


Our Story

In our daily life we use memory, language, and executive function to think.  When a child experiences seizures one, two, or all three of these abilities are disrupted.  The disruption is dependent upon where a seizure is experienced in the brain. Possible disruptions include: stored information becoming disorganized, ability to find words, and the ability to stop unwanted behavior.

Short term memory loss, attention and concentration problems, language problems, and academic problems often plague students with epilepsy. Our goal is to provide tools and resources to help students succeed in school and beyond.

The organization's programs and initiatives focus on working with hospitals, schools, and individual families to provide more information and resources to assist the Super Kids in their lives.  These initiatives include:

  • Educational games that focus on improving short term memory loss

  • Memory exercises

  • Resources that may be used in the home and at school

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